Our Story

Our history dates back to 1956, when Veroni family opens a small artisanal workshop to produce tailor bustforms, meeting the demand of the rising fashion industry. A long track of research and artisanship brought us to grow and work in Visual Merchandising as well, as a manufacturer of custom made and exclusive visual props and display solutions.

Today the experience achieved in Visual Merchandising, the steady research for trends and materials, the heritage of more than 60 years of realizations brought us to be a trusted partner of some main fashion brands and retailers as a source for fine bustforms, torsos, mannequins and visual props for stores, shows and events. Our focus is in custom-made production for bespoke projects, meeting customer needs for exclusive products that match the last trends in visual marketing.

Our Made in Italy production enables us to serve customers with custommade details and finishes, specially tailored solutions and an excellent delivery time.

As a small artisanal company devoted to quality, Veroni may boast fine products and great service for trend research, customization and delivery,
servicing customers for both large visual supplies and small projects as well.

Veroni – Made in Italy with Love since 1956

Our values

We believe in quality and experience. The long artisan journey that has led us to today is the result of attention to detail and the continuous search for improvement.


Since 1959

A journey from the tailor shop to the window


Constant research

of materials and continuous evolution of shapes



of finishes and care for details



of all our handmade products



Seriousness and speed in deliveries

Irreplaceable partner

Variety of services

Possibility to repair busts and mannequins